Documents on Academic Policy
Student admission model rules

The main provisions of the academic policy of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University

Documents of the Government and the MES of the RK

The Decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Standard provision on the state higher educational institutions with a special status

Extract from the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "About Education"

Standard Regulations of educational organizations of corresponding types

Standard Rules for Higher and Postgraduate Educational Organizations Activities

Rules for organization of the educational process on credit technology training

Standard Regulations for current monitoring of students’ progress, midterm and final assessment in higher educational institutions

Rules for the appointment, payment and size of governmental scholarships for students of educational institutions

Rules for awarding of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan scholarships

Rules of transfer and restoring of students in accordance with the type of educational organization

Rules for academic leave of students in educational institutions 141 Documents Al-Farabi KazNU

Documents of Al-Farabi KazNU

Provision on baccalaureaut

The provision on Master's and PhD

Regulation on the final certification of a Master's degree and PhD

Rules for the appointment of scholarships at KazNU named Al-Farabi

Rules of organization and implementation of the educational methodological work

Rules of training on reduced educational programs

Rules on the organization of training with the use of distance learning technologies

Rules on the organization of independent work of students

Rules for organization of professional practice in baccalaureate

Rules on the organization of professional practice of Masters and PhD students

Regulations on Academic Mobility

Regulation on Advisors

Provision on scientific-methodical council

Regulation on the Editorial Committee

Regulation on the organization and activity of the Faculty’s methodical bureau

Rules for the development and execution of educational and methodical complex

Rules for the development and design of the basic curriculum subjects for bachelor specialties

Regulation on the implementation of the results of research work in the educational process

Rules for completion of diploma work (project) 271

Provision on the course work in Master’s

Provision of the master's thesis 285

Rules for the development of electronic textbooks

Rules for the development of educational and methodical complex of distant course

Rules for the development and issuing of the European Diploma Supplement

Rules for the development of the sets of test tasks on EAAR subjects

Provision on young teacher School

Regulation on the contest for the best textbook publication

Rules for final control (exam session)

Procedure of training sessions’ monitoring

Planning and calculation of professor- teaching staff load

Methodical Guidelines

Methodical Guidelines for the organization of current and midterm control

Methodical Guidelines for the examination of educational and professional programs

Methodical Guidelines for evaluation the quality of teaching