Calendar of activities

Net session


1 year student of the curatorial hour "Archeology and Ethnology" on topic "Clean session". Students are exempted from the rules of adult supervision (exam session). These questions were considered in some cases in the process of attestation of the acquired inaccessible.


Faculty Olympiad within the museum circle


The Olympiad consisted of 3 stages. Students of 1-4 courses took part in competitions. The teams received a ticket to the Republican Olympiad, the jury included employees of the Almaty Museum. Students were given fair grades and high expectations.


Night at the museum


The Museum Night event was organized in the Museum of KazNU by 2 courses of undergraduates of the Department of Archeology, Ethnology and Museology and employees of the Museum of KazNU. The guest of the evening was the dean of the faculty of history M.S. Nogaibaeva, the director of the museum of KazNU Ardak Zhumekeevna, the head of the department of archeology, ethnology and museology G.K. Omarov made a speech. Teachers, students and visitors of university were offered various fun programs and live performances.


Competition among students of the 1st course "Mister history"


At the Faculty of History, Archeology and Ethnology there was a competition among first year students “Mister history”. The competition was attended by one representative from each specialty, who demonstrated their acting skills and knowledge of history. The Grand Prix at the competition was taken by a first-year student of the specialty Archeology and Ethnology Shamshykhanov Mukhtarkhan.