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Every year at the faculty of journalism at the Department of print and electronic media held various meetings where awarded with the best teachers and students. To implement the following projects in the house of students and faculty in the department - is "Aynalandy nurlandyr" (Mүshәyra), "100 book", "Miss University", "Lifestyle."



Al-Farabi Kazakh National University and the joint-stock company of the republican newspaper "Egemen Kazakhstan" signed a memorandum of cooperation for the development and improvement of dvuhstronnih creative and professional relationships. On the basis of signed Cooperation journalist Ainash Esali share their skills.

Ainash Esali - a talented journalist. He is also the holder of the national award "Altyn Zhuldyz" ( "Golden Star"), Academy of Journalism of Kazakhstan, laureate of the Union of Journalists of Kazakhstan. His outstanding works have received wide appreciation and popularity among readers.

Master Class - the exchange of experience and training of young beginners correspondent for further long-term development. 
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