Scientific projects and researches

The direction of the research project
Name of project Keywords Project manager Period
1 Socio-political processes in foreign historiography "Society and Politics in the history of East and West as the experience of the successful development of Kazakhstan in the context of globalization" Policy, social, East, West, Kazakhstan, development
Zhumagulov K.T.
2012-2014 87273773338
2 The historical background of the ethno-religious diversity and religious tolerance peoples of Eurasia "Islam and Christianity in the Eurasian history" Еurasian, Islam, christianity, religion Zhumagulov K.T.
2012-2014 87273773338
3 History of Kazakhstan on foreign sources "Turkic world and the history of Kazakhstan in the western sources" History, Тurkish world, Kazakhstan Zhumagulov K.T.
2012-2015 87273773338
4 Audiovisual sources, theory and practice of historiography "Audiovisual documents as sources for the history of the Republic of Kazakhstan (1991 - 2011 yy.)" Sources, Audiovisual documents, history, Кazakhstan Tulebaev T.A.
2011-2014 87273773338
5 Fundamental research of Ministry of Education and Science of RK
 Volost's system of the Kazakh steppe at ХIХХX centuries: function, activity and interaction with the Russian power Kazakh steppe, control, volost's ruler, Russian Empire
G.S.Sultangalieva 2015-2017 87273773338
6 Fundamental research of Ministry of Education and Science of RK The place and role of the Turkic civilization in the History of Eurasia Civilization, Eurasia, Turkic E.T.Kartabayeva 2015-2017 87273773338
7 International Project "Erusmus plus"   Developing Trans-regional information literacy for lifelong learning and the knowledge economy Learning, training, international IT life



2017-2020 87272211284


International project " Austrians in Kazakhstan from the revolutions of 1917 to the end of the Stalin era"

Österreichische Emigranten in Kasachstan. Von der Octoberrevolution bis zum Ende der Stalin-Ara  

G. K. Kokebayeva




The main trends and mechanism of transformation of social life of the Kazakh nomadic society in the context of the policy of the Russian Empire

Transformation of social organization of the Kazakh steppe: stratification and status dynamics (second half of XVIII - 20s of XX centuries).


G. S. Sultangalieva




Fundamental research in the field of socio-economic history of Kazakhstan and Russia

Front / rear: gender aspects of the Second world / great Patriotic war in the history of Kazakhstan and Russia

R. S. Jarkynbaeva




Fundamental research in the field of source studies in the context of documents of personal funds

Documents of personal funds as sources of history of Kazakhstan (XX-beginning of XXI centuries.)

O. Kh. Mukhatova




Archival storage of documents and its methods based on international experience

Improvement of methods of archival storage of documents in the conditions of Informatization: introduction of international experience in the state archives of Kazakhstan

N. K. Alpysbayeva




Analysis and systematization of theoretical and empirical materials identified in libraries and archives of near and far abroad

History and culture of the Great steppe

K. T. Zhumagulov