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International activity

 The business training on leadership in English by a Professor from the French company Total. The information at the training was useful and interesting. Comfortable environment, lively process, a lot of valuable information makes you think, stimulates further education in this direction. Correct, practical, authoritative coach, well focused on each listener. Excellent organization of training, productive material.


The event of a discussion of the «The Erasmus +Key Action 1 – Mobility for learners and staff – Higher Education Student and Staff Mobility» project realization was taken place in the middle of November 2018. The project is carried out by Mälardalen University, Sweden and Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Department of Information Systems. The agreement of two-diploma educational program was entered under the project. Adlet Nyussupov, the master's student of the second year education of the Department of Information Systems of the Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, is one of the students who got the possibility to study under this project. He is currently studying in the Malardalen University.

On the picture is shown: Radu Dobrin - Dean of faculty of Software Engineering, Zh.S.Yessengaliyeva – Head of Department of Information Systems, Sh.Z. Mussiraliyeva – Associate Professor of the Department of Information Systems, A.T. Nyussupov – master`s student of the Department of Information Systems

Visiting our university. 

Demet Soylu - А  research assitant in department of Information Management in Ankara Yıldırım Beyazıt University in Ankara/Turkey. At the same time, PhD student in department of Information Management in Hacettepe University. Interests: expertise knowledge and experience in Information Literacy, New Media Literacy, Information Analysis in Digital Platforms, Gamification Technologies, Gamified Learning Atmopshere

series of lectures were provided by Doctor Anis Rojbi from the University of Paris. His research interest is mostly related with the development of applications for people with disabilities. In his lectures modes, methods and interfaces of the user-machine interactions are described. He gave examples of web pages adapted for people with disabilities. A user interface that is effective, efficient and satisfies the users’ needs must be created. A uniform approach should be adopted to address issues such as page structures, navigation, presentation and content. Then Anis gave lectures devoted to image processes, image segmentation and assistive technologies for impairment people. A methodology was designed to transpose the graphics and prepare their paper versions that people with disabilities could read. Results show that the participants with visual impairment could successfully understand these generated graphics and pictures. The thorough analysis of these features allowed deep understanding of ways that could be used to allow people with disabilities successfully function in the computer environment.

On the business trip of the senior lecturer of the Information System Department, Beketova Ayman Kaiyrbekovnaya to participate in the 8th International Training Workshop on the topic “Internet Security: Enhancing Information Exchange Safeguards”. December 23 - 27, 2018 State of Qatar, Doha.

 Master of engineering, University of linköping, Sweden on specialization "Automatic control and information system" Raushan rezvani, Intern at the Department of Information systems, 18 September-16 November 2017. He arrived on the recommendation International Association for the exchange of students for technical experiences. He is currently an Intern of the Department "Information systems" of the faculty of Mechanics and mathematics, where he works on a project on visualization of the kidneys by using Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). 
Through Visual Paradigm Academic Partner Program, al-Farabi Kazakh National University is granted license for modeling software - VP for educational use.
For students, masters and doctoral students "Summer Schools" for two week.




Foreign professors were invited to develop an educational program in English on the specialty 5В070300 "Information Systems" in the following composition:

No. Name Description
1. ArtoToppinnen Dr.PhD; Internet of things; Finland, Kuopio Savonia University
2. Carlos Dominguez Dr.PhD; Information Security Management in the IIS; Spain; Polytechnic University of Valencia
3. Harri Heiku Dr.PhD; Advanced Control Automation; Finland, Kuopio; Savonia University
4. Houcine Hassan Dr.PhD; Artificial Intelligence; Spain; Polytechnic University of Valencia
5. Julie Dugdale Professor; Artificial Intelligence and Introduction to multi-agent systems; France Pierre Mendes Grenobal;
6. Mahdi Mottahedi Dr.PhD; Control microcontroller Germany; Stuttgart University
7. Marek Milosh Dr.PhD; Mobile applications of process control systems; Poland; Lublin University of Technology
8. Matthias Meinke Dr-Ing. Fluid Mechanics and Institute of Aerodynamics; Germany Aachen University
9. Radu Dobrin Dr.PhD; Industrial information systems; Sweden; Maaralden University
10. Rimantas Butleris Professor; Operations Research and Methods of Optimization; Lithuania; Kaunas University of Technology
11. Rytis Maskeliunas professor; Game design and planning; Lithuania Kaunas University of Technology;
12. Waldemar Wojchik Professor; Mobile applications of process control systems; Poland; Lublin University of Technology
13 Vladimir Nikulin Doctor Ph.D, Professor; "Instrumental platforms of modern control systems on the example of SCADA"; USA; University of New York;
14 Igor Tereykovsky National Technical University of Ukraine, Candidate of Technical Sciences
15 Kabanikhin Sergey Igorevich Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor.
16 Mario de Sousa Professor; Portugal; University of Porto;
17 Oleksandr Korchenko National Aviation University of Ukraine, Kiev, Doctor of Technical Sciences
18 Potekhin V.V. Professor; Industrial System Analysis and Desig; Resay; St. Petersburg Technical University named after Peter the Great
19 Timur Tursunovich Paltashev Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor of Advanced Digital Design and Computer Architecture, Advanced Languages ​​and Heterogeneous Architectures for High Performance Computing and Graphics California, USA Advanced Micro Devices and Northwestern Polytechnic University


In 2016, from September 19-23, with the participation of foreign professors, classes are held at the rate:


Kaunas University  (Lithuania)

professor Rytis Maskeliunas

Lecture: Game design and planning

Pierre Mendes Grenobal (France)

professor Julie Dugdale

Lecture: Artificial Intelligence & Introduction to Multi-agent systems