Within the framework of the project "Ainalandy Nurlandyr" invites you to the school hour on the topic "Students of the first year of the specialty" Spiritual modernization is the guarantee of a successful country! ".

The program article "Leading to the Future: Spiritual Renewal" by President Nursultan Nazarbayev is an important document created for solid thought, sincere and courageous decisions, reflecting the bright example and concrete steps of the country. In this article there is an urgent problem of consciousness revival, national identity, national code, coordination of its values ​​with the world values ​​and goals of Kazakhstan's welfare. The President of Kazakhstan will share views on how to move forward to the future in order to become a United Nations, with two important process of rebuilding for Kazakhstan - political reform and economic modernization - as well as a vision of how to change public consciousness.

Time and place: 11-00


Responsible: Mazenova Zh.A., Madimarova G.S., Suleimenova D.N.

Publication date :  12/6/2017