Week of the Kazakh language

Language is the well-being of the people, it influences the unification and rallying of nations. It is a means of education and a support for people's relationships. Day of languages ​​is a sign of friendship, kinship and unity of all citizens of the country. Friendship of peoples, mutual understanding and cooperation is the main support for the construction of a new Kazakhstan.

In honor of the Day of Languages, the students of the Department of Cartography and Geoinformatics organized an open hour. Active students took part in this event. It is worth noting that students like Anarbek Kaisar, Zhadiger Yerkin, Shayakhmet Aқbota, Sultangali Zhaina and other students read poetry and discussed the current state of the language. And also, the students expressed their thoughts.


Time and place: 16.00 B4-5A


Responsible: Suleimenova D.N., Baydauletova G.K., Madimarova G.S., Mazhenova Zh.А., Sarybaev E.S.

Publication date :  12/6/2017