Students 4 courses of faculty of geography and environmental management, department of cartography and geoinformatics have conducted the open lesson dated for day of the First President and the 25 anniversary of Independence.

During an open lesson students have read pages of the autobiography of Elbasa, have paid attention to his course of life to the devoted service to the people, and also his books in which he has stated all perepitiya which met on his way. From the date of finding of sovereignty in 1991 N. A. Nazarbayev as the first president has made an invaluable contribution in a raising of the international authority of Kazakhstan. In the first years of independence were and doubting ability of our country to be a full-fledged participant of the world community. But thanks to continued work of the First President our country has achieved unprecedented success, has gained the international authority. On this subject videos, the presentations have been shown.

Investigating his course of life we have learned about his diligence and commitment, about his uncontrollable thirst for knowledge. Students have shown the Leader Nation as the many-sided person, with a broad outlook, what the first head has to be such. In particular sports activities, such as tennis, boxing, a game on a dombra, an accordion tell about the personality uncommon, worthy imitations. And also during an open lesson students have told in verses on a difficult and thorny road to Independence finding. Kalkaman Sarin's verses on freedom, on cold days of December of the eighty sixth year have excited teachers and pupils.

The games "Who Quicker?", "25 steps", "Continue My Thought..." have allowed to open a subject of an open lesson. During the game students have proved to be erudite, knowing history of the country, the edge.

Teachers Koshim A. G. and Baydauletova G. K. have expressed the confidence that students will be true patriots of Kazakhstan, worthy successors of business of Elbasa and that they will make the contribution to development of the republic.

Impressions of an open lesson for a long time will remain in memory and to that pledge a group photo.

Organizers: senior teachers of department "Cartography and geoinformatics" Baydauletova G. K., Mazhenova J.A., Sarsembekova Z. K.

Publication date :  3/5/2017