Department of Cartography and Geoinformatics held a seminar on the theme "Achievements and Ecological festival "EcoDays 2015" project on the Campus

In the framework of the Campus project UNESCO chair has organized ecological festival "EcoDays 2015. At this festival on the first day were shown the exhibition , which presented things made of household waste in the classroom under the name "Green room."

On the second day was held a competition of 8 teams. In the team were students of our Department: Isabekova And, Galiahmetova W, Djanseitov M, And Ospanova, Tapenov D, Orinbekova N, And Arboliz, rude And Zhane de Tama W, W Botayev, Daulet W, Serikova.

Our team is called "Ecodesya" the results of all requirements has been recognized by the best faculty team.

Publication date :  4/26/2016