Students of the department "Cartography and Geoinformatics" held a round table on the topic "Leaders of the Center Geoinformatics in the University of Salzburg"

October 15, 2014 at 15:00 undergraduates 2 courses of specialty "6M071100-Geodesy" Chiderbaeva Gulnur, Kalmahanbet Nesiphan, Kim Bella, Koytanov Bakytzshan, Mamaeva Aygerim, Miyatbek Kuandik, Omar Sapargali, Zhanakulova Katima and undergraduates 2 courses of specialty "6M074100-Cartography" Sadenov Salamat, Sabirov Ermek, Aytlesov Dosbol at the University of Salzburg (Austria, Salzburg) in summer school «Geoinformatics, Web GIS and Image Integration» shared scientific and professional practice, which took place in the period 13.09.2014-28.09.2014.

Publication date :  5/4/2015