Literary competition

The Department of Kazakh Literature and Theory of Literature of Faculty of Philology and World Languages together with Philosophy-Literary magazine «Tamyr» declares International Literary Competition.

Timeframes of carrying out: Competition is spent from February, 12th till May, 01st, 2018.

Summarizing and the announcement of the main results of Competition – on June, 01st, 2018.

 Objective of Competition:

1. Revealing of talented poets, prose writers, playwrights among youth of Kazakhstan, concept of their works to general public, literary critics and publishers.

2. Support in the publication of the best works of young talents, assistance to their creative growth and popularity.

Nominations of Competition:

1. The best poetic work.

2. The best prosaic work.

3. The best drama work.

4. The best publicistic work.


1. Works of winners of competition will be published in magazine «Tamyr».

2. To the participants of the competition who has borrowed first 20 seats, the possibility free-of-charge will be provided to visit the master-classes of leading scientists-literary critics, modern prose writers and poets on literary skill, oratory, to receive consultations.

3. Besides diplomas 1, 2, 3 degrees, will be give a special prize of reader's sympathies (on results of discussion of works on the Internet sites of organizers of competition).


Conditions of competition:

1. Persons can take part in competition in the age of from 14 years till 35 years.

2. Artistic works on Kazakh and Russian languages, earlier not published in other editions strike root.


Requirements to competitive works:

1. On competition works in total amount no more than 20 printed pages, typed Times New Roman through one interval 14 size strike root. Fields on 2,5 sm from different directions.


2. It is necessary to put to competitive works:


a)      The application about the participation, containing following data:

Name of author


Place of study, work

Contact data, phone, e-mail, WhatsApp


Agreement to the publication of the sent works on sites of organizers of competition and in magazine;


b)      The brief creative biography (no more than 1 printed page).


Organization moments of competition:

1. The participant of competition sends by email addressed to organizers the works, the application, the brief creative biography, that expressing the agreement with the gratuitous publication of the works on sites of organizers of competition and in magazine «Tamyr».

2. Organizers of competition on the discretion shape jury of literary competition from among the writers leading scientists-literary critics, critics, employees of magazine.

3. Organizers of competition have the right:

- To spend preliminary selection of verses for competition;

- To publish on a site of organizers the selected works of each author,

Incurs the right to edit the verses sent on Competition.

4. Organizers of competition do not edit the sent works and do not bear the responsibility for their content. All the works sent on competition will be published in author's edition.

 Contact data of organizers of competition:

Official sites of organizers of literary competition:, http: //

Electronic addresses for supply of applications and sendings of works:

Phones: 7(727) 3773339 (+1328, 1330)

Publication date :  2/15/2018