Academic mobility and internships

Academic mobility and internships


Partnership with foreign scientific organizations and centers



Аmerican College of Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

Çukurova university (Republic of Turkey)

Аmerican University in Dubai (UAE)

Academy of Management of the MIA of RF

State-Owned Vocational School "Russian Academy of Justice"

Institute of Judicial Expertise of the Moscow State Law University named after O.E. Kutafin

Samara Law Institute of FSPE of Russia (Samara, Russia)

Ufa Center of Forensic Expertise (Ufa, Russia)

Poznan Human Rights Centre, Institute of Legal Sciences of Polish Academy of Sciences (Poland)

Department of Criminal Law and Criminology of M. Lomonosov Moscow State University (Moscow)

R&D-1 All-Union Research Institution of RF Ministry of Interior (Moscow)

 Department of Criminology of the Ryazan Academy of the Federal Penitentiary Service (Tomsk)

Department of Criminal Law and Criminology of the A.S. Griboyedov Institute of International Law and Economics (Moscow)

 Criminal Law Department of Moscow State Law Academy (Moscow)

 European-Asian Legal Congress

 Department of Criminal Law of Altai Academy of Economics and Law (Barnaul)

 Criminal Law Department of the Ural State Law Academy



Volkswagen Foundation, Germany


GE Healthcare Life Sciences

Criminological Association of Kazakhstan (Almaty)

SF "Charter for Human Rights" (Almaty) 

 NGO "Childhood without Borders" (Almaty)

SF "Nurly Bagdar"