Awards and achievements of chair


 Academician Bigaliev A.B. - Golden medal of KazNU (2018)

Prof. Kolumbayeva S.Zh. - Laureate of the state scientific scholarship awarded to scientists who has made an outstanding contribution to the development of science and technology - 2017



On June 1, 2017, at the session of the General Meeting of the NAS RK, the Head of SRI of Biology and Biotechnology, Prof. Bissenbayev A.K. was elected as an academician of NAS RK









 Prof. Omirbekova N.Zh. "The Best University Teacher - 2017"
PhD Lovinskaya A.V. "The Best Young Scientist of KazNU-2017"

PhD Taipakova S.М. - "Bolashak" scholarship (France, 2016-2017)
 PhD Zhussupova A.I. - "British Council Researcher Connect 2016"
MSc Lebedeva L.P. - "TechWomen 2015"

PhD Taipakova S.M. - "State Scientific Scholarship for the Talented Young Scientists 2013-2014"

Prof. Kolumbayeva S.Zh. "The Best University Teacher - 2017"

PhD Zhussupova A.I. "Fulbright Visiting Scholar 2011-2012"