The chair of mechanics of mekhaniko-mathematical faculty carries out a round table within the <<100 books>> project

The chair of mechanics of Mechanics and Mathematics Faculty conducted a round table within the 100 books project devoted to works of the great Russian poet A.S. Pushkin  according to the novel "Eugene Onegin", and also English  playwright, the poet and the actor William Shakespeare of the tragedy "Romeo and Juliette".

Venue: No. 131aud.

Carrying out time: On February 21, 2015  in 13.25-14.15

Organizers: Zh.M.Omirzhanova, B.A.Espayev, A.S.Sukhenko, masters: Tyo Victoria, Mikhaylenko D. A., students 3 rates of ruble of the lake of the specialty "mechanics".


Publication date :  3/4/2015