Тhe Day of the First President

Last Friday a demonstrative -cultural event was held at the Chair of General Linguistics and Foreign Philology of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University in the honor of the remarkable holiday – the Day of the First President of Independent Kazakhstan. The event was organized by the leaders of the “English Club” G.K. Dossybaeva and M.A. Zhanabekova.

The students of the 1st course of “Foreign Language: two foreign languages” made a great performance connected with this day. It was the fragment from the film “The sky of my childhood”.   The scenery about the history of the birth of our President was very attractive and made a great impression on the audience.  A quizzing game and a slide presentation which prepared by the students contained different kinds of tasks about President’s biography, personal life, career ladder and achievements. The question about birth place of our President and the song “Ush konur” produced on the audience was great.

Publication date :  3/10/2015