"Ethnonyms and anthroponyms in folklore works"

       On December 4, 2014 in the reading room №17 hostels leaders and members of the club "Zheruyik" organized an event on the theme "Ethnonyms and anthroponomy in folklore works." Among the folklore chose the poem "Alpamys Batyr" and "Goat Kөrpesh - Bayan Sulu". Did report Muhametkerim M. and A. Kuanysheva.
       At the end of the activities organized viktricheskie games and ask questions to the participants.

                                                           Organizers: The leaders of the club GB Madieva,

                                                                 D.C. Medetbekov and 3rd year students of the                                                                                            specialty "Kazakh philology"

Publication date :  5/24/2015