Organization of the annual plan

On September 18, 2014 the leaders and members of the club "Zheruyyk" discussed the annual plan for 2014-2015 account. year. Plans to conduct the following activities:
      1) Mark the 550 anniversary of the great Kazakh Khanate;
     2) to celebrate the anniversary of the Great Patriotic War - 70 years;
     3) Mark 20 th anniversary of the Constitution.
Hasan Aliyev and Қuanysheva Aқmanar gave a report on the club do the work and distributed serial work and found responsible for the various activities.

                                                                        Organizers: Madieva G.B., Medetbekova P.T. 
                                                                      and sduenty 3 course specialty "Kazakh philology"

Publication date :  5/24/2015