"terminological - Society - Time"

April 28, 2015 g, 9.00 hours at the Faculty of Philology, literary and of World languages ​​in 322 audience MI. AS Amanzholova Horse Scientific poznovatelnaya Conference of Young Scientists, dedicated to the 550 anniversary of the Kazakh xanstva on the topic "terminological - Society - Time". Republican Conference, organïzovannoy onomastïçeskïm ball "Promised Land" wçastvwyut students, graduate and doctoral students of the republic.

Organizer - of Philologic Sciences., Prof. GB Madieva and PhD in Philologic Sciences., Associate Professor PT Medetbekova, and laboratory operator "Kazakh language: pïsxo sociolinguistics" Awşenova AS

Publication date :  4/25/2015