Organizers: Trade union of students and undergraduates of mechanics and mathematics faculty "Sunkar"

 The goal of comprehension is to determine the best group.

Match Tours: 1. Visit a nursing home; 2. Create a group portfolio.

 The past on these 2 rounds were selected and passed in round 3.

 Venue: The Yellow Hall of Mechanics and Mathematics Faculty

 3 round consisted of 3 stages: 1. Acquaintance; 2. To remove a video on Smart KazNU; 3. The game is to find the words between the group and the curator and grasping the question-answer.

"Best Student Group - 2018" 1st place: group Information Security Systems 2017-1A

"Best Student Group - 2018" 2nd place: Group Automation and Management 2017-3В

The best elder: Әten Ayian (head of group Information Security Systems 2017-1A)

The best curator: Umarov Amantour (curator of the group Automation and Management 2017-3В)

Publication date :  2/28/2018