«Kaspersky Day»

Place and date: Almaty, April 11, 2017, KazNU. Al-Farabi

Audience: the event is designed for a wide audience of students and teachers of the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics

Format: training and business game, as well as demonstration of applications

Trainers:Julia Kuklina, Manager for Academic Communications and Community Development, Kaspersky Lab, RussiaArthur Pakulov, Technical Expert, Kaspersky Lab, Russian Federation

What are we talking about? 

What do you know about modern cyber threats? What dangers await users of IoT-devices? How to protect the process control system? And most importantly, how to save the world? These and other questions will be answered by Julia Kuklin, manager of academic communications and community development at Kaspersky LabWhat does it mean to be the head of the information security department? To take hard decisions in conditions of uncertainty you will learn the strategic business game Kaspersky Interactive Protection Simulation. Take with you laptops or tablets!

What are vulnerabilities in software and how dangerous are they? Technological expert of Kaspersky Lab Arthur Pakulov will analyze the most frequently exploited vulnerabilities in the program code and the nature of their occurrence. On the master class from the expert you will learn to avoid common mistakes while writing the code

Publication date :  6/29/2017