Chair history


The Chair of education of al-Farabi Kazakh national University was founded on January 12, 1940. Now it is renamed to the Chair of Pedagogy and Educational Management of the faculty of philosophy and political science; it is one of the oldest departments of pedagogical profile. Its formation and development covers the long period from the opening of the Department as one of the branches of the historical-philological faculty which provided pedagogical specialties for the University. Later the  specialities "Pedagogics and psychology", "Social pedagogy and self-cognition" appeared and caused the expansion of the field of educational activity in the multilevel system "bachelor - master - doctorate".

The mass character of pedagogical specialties, the quality of teaching and a stable educational policy have led to the success and preservation of the traditions of the department.

 Formation of the department went along with the development of the university, Kazakhstan's psychological and pedagogical thought, pedagogical culture and education. In different years the department was headed by the leaders of pedagogical science, outstanding public figures - Shakir Kokymbaevich Kokymbaev, Tulegen Tazhibaev, Abhdhamit Ibneevich Sembaev, Kartbai Bekenovich Berzhanov, Hasen Kuandykovich Argynov, Boris Zharkenovich Sadykov, Gulnaz Kenzhetaevna Akhmetova, Zauresh Abdrazakovna Isayeva.

Oustanding doctors of pedagogical sciences worked at the department; they are professors K.B. Zharikbayev, Zh.R. Bashirova, A.T. Tabyldiev, N.A. Asanov and others.

Prominent teachers and scientists N.D. Khmel, K.Zh.Kozhakhmetova, A.K. Kusainov, Sh.T. Taubaeva, I.P. Khalitova, K.Zh. Aganina and others were invited to teach at the chair of pedagogy and educational management.

The department has prepared specialists of high professional level for education and other spheres of public life. Our graduates work in many corners of the country and beyond. The staff have a sufficiently high creative potential, responsibility, dedication to its profession and university.

The Chair solves the problem of the basic pedagogical education in the following areas:

  • The cultural and socio-humanitarian ("Pedagogy" in the block of General education courses for all disciplines of the University).

  • The professional: training of future teachers, "School Pedagogy", "Ethno-pedagogy" in the block of professional disciplines for bachelor)
  • The scientific-pedagogical: training of scientific-pedagogical personnel for the Master's program ("Pedagogy" for all graduates)
  • The special psychological-pedagogical: in accordance with the curriculum of the specialty "5B010300 - Pedagogy and psychology", "6M010300 - Pedagogy and psychology of the master's and PhD program "6D010300 - Pedagogy and psychology".
  • The special socio-pedagogical: "5В012300-Social pedagogy and self-cognition", "6M012300 - Social pedagogy and self-cognition" in the master's and PhD program "6D012300 - Social pedagogy and self-cognition".

The Department has:

  • The research center for educational research
  • The school of young scientist
  • The student scientific society "Logos"
  • The student's educational theatre
  • The collection, "Bulletin of the Treasury: a series of Pedagogical science.