Chair history

Department of Phoreign Philology and Translation Studies was established in 1996. The strategic goal of the department: the preservation, creation and transfer of knowledge and culture in the field of translation and translation studies, comparative literature by means of research, teaching, popularization. There is an only educational, scientific and cultural center specialized on translation and translation studies, intercultural communication and comparative literature in Kazakhstan.

 At various times, the department was led by:
Between 1998-2005 - Head of Department,, professor K.K.Alpysbaev
Between 2005-2008 - Head of Department,, professor A.Zh.Zhaksylykov
Between 2008-2011 - Head of Department ,, professor Zh.D.Dadebaev
Between 2008-2015 - Head of the Department, professor A.S.TarakovSince 2015 - Head of the Department,, PhD doctor D.A. Karagoishieva.Nowadays in the Department of Foreign Philology and Translation has successfully implemented projects, programs to develop international cooperation with the world's leading universities in 2017.