«ҚазҰУ студенті оқуға тиіс 100 кітап»


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The event was attended by students of 1st year undergraduate specialty "Foreign language: two foreign languages" and master's specialty "Linguistics". This action is dedicated to the "Day of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan took place in the framework of Nursultan Nazarbayev" Қazaқstandyқ Jol". Under this program, the audience, the students of 1-2 courses of undergraduate, answer questions, share your opinion.

Thus was summarized Message from the President to the people of Kazakhstan. In addition, students have organized competitions and quizzes, as well as they were filled with a variety of songs.
Organizers of the event "ҚaзҰУ студенті оқуға тиіс 100 кітап": Associate Professor, Department of General Linguistics and Foreign Philology k.filol.n. Medetbekov P.T, J.M Umatova and PhD student Boribaeva G.A.

Medetbekova P.T., Boribaeva G.A.