Scientific researches and projects


The direction of research project Name of project Project Manager Time Contact Information
    Atlas information system of quality of life Dr. Geo. Sc., professor Nyussupova Gulnara 2018-2020 8(727) 377-33-35 14-88;
1 Information and Telecommunication Technologies

Development and creation of an electronic atlas of socio-demographic development of the regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan using GIS technology and information protection

Dr. Geo. Sc., professor Nyussupova Gulnara 2015-2017 8(727) 377-33-35 14-88;
2 Rational use of natural resources, processing of raw materials and products Development of an economic mechanism for solving the problem of pollution of buffer zones with solid household waste of cities (on the example of the city of Almaty) Cand. Geo. Sc., associated professor Kaliaskarova Zaure 2015-2017 8(727) 377-33-35 14-87
3 Grant funding  Develop GIS technology using satellite image interpretation in spatial analysis of semi-desert of Kazakhstan for the development of adaptive-landscape system of agriculture

Mamutov ZH.U.


8(727) 377-33-35


Fundamental research Kazakhstan in the modern geopolitical and regional transformations in Central Asia

Nadyrov Sh.M.

2012-2014 8(727) 377-33-35 14-87
Fundamental research Development of geographic bases of the analysis of socio-demographic indicators of human development of the Republic of Kazakhstan with the use of GIS technology Nyusupova G.N. 2012-2014 8(727) 377-33-35 14-88;