Chair history

Department of Geography, Land Management and Cadastre of the Al-Farabi Kazakh National University was re-organized in September 2011 at the merge of specializations of Department of Physical Geography, geomorphology, economic, social and political geography. The reorganization and renaming of the department under the name of geography, land management and cadastre was associated with the opening in 2010 at the Department of economic, social and political geography of new specialties "Land Management" and "Cadastre". Currently, the department is the largest team for the training of geographers, surveyors and experts in the inventory as part of the higher schools of the republic.

In the Kazakh State University named after S.M. Kirov the specialty "Geography" was established in 1948 with the simultaneous organization of the department "General geography". Department was headed by the Docent Evtsikhevich V. (1948-1951).

In 1949 the department "General geography" was organized at the Department of Economic Geography, which was the first specialized department as part of the Faculty of Geography.

Staff of the department of economic and social geography, February 12, 2009

Since the foundation of the department the faculty has been developing relevant research projects, such as studies on the economic zoning of Kazakhstan, complex issues of agricultural zoning, location and specialization of agricultural research guidelines highlight taxonomic system of economic regions of the USSR. Subsequently, within Kazakhstan 5 intra allocated economic regions, which are still accounted for in economic practice.


Headed the department:

  • Docent Bogorad D.R. (1949-1951),
  • Cand.Geo.Sc., Docent Plotkin M.R. (1951-1953, 1961- 1962),
  • Cand.Geo.Sc., Docent Marakuyev A.V. (1953-1955),
  • Cand.Geo.Sc., Docent Dvoskin B.Ya. (1955-1956);
  • Cand.Geo.Sc., Docent Konobritckaya E.M. (1956-1961);
  • Cand.Geo.Sc., Docent Vasilyeva M.S. (1962-1964);
  • Senior lecturer Tikhomirov A.S. (1964-1966);
  • Cand.Econ.Sc., Docent Yanios N.I. (1966-1971);
  • Cand.Geo.Sc., Docent Bolegenova M.T. (1972-1984);
  • д.ф.н., professor Mukitanov N.K. (1984-1985);
  • Dr.Geo.Sc., professor Erdavletov S.R. (1986-1992);
  • Cand.Geo.Sc., Professor of KazNU Temirbekov A.T. (1985-1986, 1992-2005);
  • Dr.Geo.Sc., professor Nadyrov Sh.M. (2005-2008).
  • Dr.Geo.Sc., professor Nyussupova G.N. (2008-2011)


In 1953 on the base of "General Geography" the department of physical geography was founded. The Department was the biggest and the only methodological center ofthe Republic of Kazakhstan for training highly qualified specialists of physical geographers. Scientists of the department conduct research in various fields of physical geography and related sciences in the following areas: landscape science, soil science, ecology and geobotany, geoinformatics, environmental monitoring, radioecology, as well as methods of teaching geography.

The staff of the Department of Physical Geography and Geoecology, 2009


Over the years headed the department:

  • Docent Muravlyev G.G. (1952-1962),
  • professor Zhandaev M.Zh. (1962-1974).
  • professor Muravlyev G.G. (1974-1975),
  • Docent Zhapbasbaev M.Zh. (1975-1988),
  • professor Dzhanaleeva G.M. (1988- 2005),
  • professor Chigarkin A.V. (1995- 2001),
  • Docent Mukasheva Zh.N. (2005-2007),
  • Docent Kerimbay N.N. (2007-2008).
  • Docent Tugelbaev S.S. (2008-2011).


On December 1995 in the physical geography department the Department of "Geoecology and environmental monitoring" was organized with a view of training specialists in the field of environmental protection and ecology. Recruitment of students has been carried out since 1992 in "Nature protection and rational use of natural resources", and then since 1994 in the specialty "Ecology and monitoring". In 1996, this department implemented a set of students on a specialty "General Ecology". The main objective of the department is training geoecologists, environmental engineers to meet the demands of the republic in specialists in the field of environmental management, waste technology, sound ecology, environmental impact assessment and environmental audit.


Head of the department were:

  • Professor Chigarkin A.V. (1995-2001),
  • Professor Dostay Zh.D. (2002-2005).

The staff of the Department Geoecology and environmental monitoring


In 2005 after new specialty "Ecology" opening at university on the Faculty of Biology the department of "Geoecology and environmental monitoring" was again connected to the Department of Physical Geography. After that changes the Department was named "Physical Geography and Geo-ecology".

In 1974 the Department of Geomorphology was organized in the frame of the Department of Physical Geography at the initiative of the Head of the Department Doctor of Geographical Sciences, Honored Scientist of the Republic of Kazakhstan Professor M.J. Zhandaeva. He became the first head of the onle department of Kazakhstan in geomorphology (1974 -1988).

The staff of the Department of Geomorphology and Cartography, 2009

A close-knit working team of like-minded, able to conduct high-level training of geomorphologist was jrganized. Along with experienced teachers (Docent Starikov K.Z., Kolodko V.D., Nyssanov A.M., Bogomyakov Yu.A., Sraylov T.D., Kusainov S.A., Veselova L.K., Seitov N. and others) geomorphologists from Moscow (Cand.Geo.Sc. Slivkin V.V., Cand.Geo.Sc. Bekseitova R.T., Cand.Geo.Sc. Shmarova I.N., Cand.Geo.Sc. Kerimbai N.N.) and Kazakh schools (Dr.Geo.Sc., Medeu A.R. Cand.Geo.Sc. Kuanyshbaev S.B., Cand.Geo.Sc. Kushimova A.G.) were invited.


Over the years the following specialists headed the department:

  • Docent Veselova L.K. (1988-2000);
  • Dr.Geo.Sc., Professor Medeu A.R. (2000 – 2001.);
  • Docent Kuanyshbaev S.B. (2002-2004);
  • Dr.Geo.Sc., Docent Bekseitova R.T. (2004-2008);
  • Cand.Geo.Sc., Docent Kerimbay N.N. (2008-2011).


In 2011 on the basis of these three great departments the Department of Geography, Land Management and Cadastre was organized. Currently, the department is headed by Dr.Geo.Sc., professor Nyusupova G.N.

The staff of the Department Geography, Land Management and Cadastre