Student life

Студенческие организации:

                                                                           “Youth of  KazNU - the territory of your abilities!"

The Youth of the Kazakh National University named after al-Farabi - is not only the students, in whose eyes you can see his burning passion for the university, but a separate world, where you can find a place for everyone who wants to reach the top.

Student life should be filled with bright flashes, impressive memories and only the university can achieve any goals. Endless chain  of young, ambitious professionals who can provide a huge space for all ideas and implement them. The company of good friends, unforgettable discoveries of pleasant moments. Irresistible desire to create maximum conditions for each of us. The whole atmosphere of warmth – the Youth of KazNU.

The Committee of Youth Organizations KazNU Al - Farabi (hereinafter CYO) is the union of all student organizations and clubs, which is a structural unit of the University - the department on work with youth organizations.

The main objectives are:

- protection and presentation of the rights and interests of students;

- assistance students in dealing with education, welfare and other issues affecting them;

- creation of conditions for the development of a sense of social responsibility of youth participation in solving urgent problems of the society;

- storing and development of the democratic traditions of the students;

- assistance governments in addressing the educational and scientific tasks in the organization of educational and training process, as well as leisure and everyday life of students.

The main goals are:

- assistance civil, social and professional fulfillment of students;

- production of the  suggestions to improve the quality of the educational process in view of scientific and professional interests of students;

- the organization of student social events, student conferences, round tables, exhibitions, reunions and the like. n .;

- carrying out of work aimed at raising the spirit of patriotism, raising awareness of students and their demands to the level of their knowledge, education of careful attitude to state property, etc .;

- coverage of all aspects of the student through the press and other media;

- strengthening inter-university, inter-regional and international relations.