Questions on the direction of SSRA

1. Who can participate in the competition SSRA? 

The competition SSRA can participate, students and student groups of higher education institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The contest SSRA submitted independently made complete research work of students in priority areas and topical issues of natural, technical, socio-economic sciences and humanities. The Competition SSRA provides republican commission for organizing and conducting the contest SSRA.

2. How is organized and functions work on the faculties of the SВI?

Faculty regulated activities SBI regulatory framework University, in the first place:

  • Regulations on student business incubator Kazakh National University. Al-Farabi;
  • Regulations on internal competition of innovative projects for placement in the student business incubator;
  • Accommodation in SBI on a competitive basis.

3. What are the requirements for the internal competition of research and innovation projects of students?

Requirements for internal competitions of research and innovation projects of students:

  • The competition received an application for placement in the business incubator of temporary creative collectives, in which may include bachelors, masters, PhD doctoral candidates.
  • Internal competition is conducted in priority areas of the structures of the faculty:
  • Participants may be internal competition and doctoral students studying at the Faculty at the time of announcement of the competition.