"The Best Linguist-2014"


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"The Best Linguist - 2014"

April 3rd, 2014 at 14.30 passed Republican intercollegiate intellectual competition "Best linguist 2014 " in the framework of the club "Young linguists " Department of General Linguistics and Foreign Languages ​​. Competition dedicate the 80th anniversary of the Al-Farabi. The competition involved students 3 courses Treasury , KazNPU, SDU, KazGZhPU , KazUIR & WL . The competition consisted of a 7- tours " tanystyru ", " Shirat ", " bәyge " , "test ", " kөkpar ", " polyglot ", "face to faces" Guests and members of the jury were A.Fazylzhanova, A.,Halbekov, S. Urkimbaev, E.D. Suleimenova , G.B. Madieva , A. Turmahanbetova, etc. They are not only students but also assessed the participants were awarded prizes. Contest was organized by leaders of the club "Young linguists" J.K. Ibrayeva , M.K. Mambetova and teacher G.A.Boribaeva,

As a result of the contest won a student Treasury Tolegenova MA All participants were awarded with valuable gifts. At the end of the contest group DestLIFE and talented university students Vereshchak J., and J. Mұzbaeva sang the hymn of the al-Farabi.