Сurator hour on the theme «Мен бақытты шәкіртпін!» (I'm the happiest student)

At the faculty of philology, literary studies and world languages curator hour on the theme «Мен бақытты шәкіртпін!» (I'm the happiest student) was held on March 7, 2014 under the supervision of the senior teacher of the chair of General linguistics and Foreign philology Iskakova G.N. The students of the 2nd course 204 group of the speciality "Foreign language: two foreign languages" participated in the curator hour. The purpose of the lesson devoted to the 80 anniversary of al-Farabi Kazakh National University is to give information to students about history, tradition and achievements of the university, to carry out discussion, to form and develop students' feeling of patriotism.

Competition "Student food"

March 14, 2014 competition"Student food" among students of the Faculty of Philology, Literary Studies and World Languages ​​in the auditorium of the student house number 17. According to the criteria of the contest, participants must prepare useful and convenient for cooking and most importantly not an expensive food products, which should correspond to the name "Student food". Students participated in the competition of the 2nd and 3rd year students.

Participants of the contest organizers' expectations and proivzoshli prepared from simple products ANALOGUE food, from hot dishes, salads to desserts and beverages. Contest was organized by the Department of General Linguistics faculty of Foreign Languages ​​and PT Medetbekova and GA Boribaeva .

" Bloggers"

February 27, 2014 held an open day the Department of General Linguistics and Foreign Languages ​​. The event was organized by the faculty of the department in the auditorium of the student house number 17. Dorm students were presentations on the history , activities and directions of the department. Much attention has been paid to educational and patriotic themes . Students listened with interest reports on various topics , actively participated in the discussion of topical issues reports. At the meeting, the students organized a competition on the theme " Bloggers ". Students bloggers showed their hand work. Evaluate student work Madieva GB Head of the Department , PhD Doctor of the University of Economics and Technology TOBB Eyup Badzhanly , deputy head . Chair Mambetova MK, GN Iskakova and all the teachers of the department . The meeting ended with a concert performance.

"Tamaktanu rezhimіn saktaysyz ba?"

December 11, 2013 in the 312 audience was open lesson on "Tamaktanu rezhimіn saktaysyz ba?" . Spent 3rd year students majoring Kazakh language and literature , edvayzersky open lesson was like a TV show program called "Dertke shipa". This is a topic as for all and students is very important. Students in the program in the form of various experts consulted other students. On this topic, students groups held a quiz and it showed .

Diet for students who are always rushing to class , the library is very relevant , and therefore the students received some very important information for them .

advisor Borybaeva G.A.