International cooperation

One of the key areas of foreign inter-university cooperation in doctoral studies is the development and implementation of joint educational programs aimed at providing doctoral training opportunities in the near and distant foreign universities and the diplomas of the two radiation - Kazakh National University al-Farabi Kazakh National University and a diploma of the foreign partner university.

Today, the university has the following doctoral programs of double- degree education:

Foreign collaboration in the 2014-2015 academic year
 The joint program with the National Polytechnic Institute of Lorraine
Kazakh National University named after al-Farabi and the National Polytechnic Institute of Lorraine (NPIL), France, June 24, 2010 signed a bilateral Memorandum of Franco-Kazakh partnership to establish a scientific and educational center in the area of ​​Geo-Energy (Center for Geo-Energy) in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Under the MOU is a joint training of doctors in the PhD Doctoral School "Geo-Energy," with the issuance of double degree education. The program includes research on geo-energy as part of the Scientific Consortium.
With the participation of the KazNU and agreed to the conditions of NPIL Doctoral school "Geo-Energy" and the Scientific Consortium, which will be based on the Mechanics and Mathematics Department.
Based on the request of French oil and uranium mining companies Total and ARENA, with NPIL formulated the first two potentially funded scientific problems.
Currently, PhD-students Kuldzhabekov A. and AE Toleuhanov (Department of Mechanics) Mechanics and Mathematics Faculty of KazNU al-Farabi enrolled in joint programs KazNU and Lorraine.

Joint program with Valencia State Polytechnic University
In 2009, between the Kazakh National University named al-Farabi and Valencia Polytechnic State University signed a framework cooperation agreement. As part of this agreement is implemented a joint program of doctoral PhD in physics. The agreement is a declaration of intent to promote mutually beneficial relations in the real field of academic and scientific cooperation. The main purpose of inter-university cooperation is to strengthen the exchange of experience and staff in teaching and culture in general.

In the Valencia Polytechnic University held doctoral dissertation PhD A.Askaruly specialty "Applied Mathematics" (supervisors: Prof. IM Tkachenko-Gursky, Spain, and Y.V. Arkhipov, KazNU, Kazakhstan). This calculation and theoretical work, which received the highest score, performed as part of an agreement between the KazNU and the SPM of the double degree of Doctor PhD. Thesis is closely linked to research in the physics of inertial confinement fusion. The results are published in a number of high rating journals in physics (including, in Physical Review - Impact factor 2.4). As the official opponents and members of the board to protect (the Tribunal) made on the protection of well-known scientists in France, Germany and Spain, including one of the founders of the theory of dense plasma physics, Professor C. Deutsch (XI University of Paris, France).



The joint program with the International Centre of Higher Learning of Agricultural Science

In 2009, between the Kazakh National University named after al-Farabi and the International Center of Higher Learning of Agricultural Sciences (France) signed a cooperation agreement for joint training of PhD students in the specialty "Biotechnology." The main purpose of the agreement is to enhance communication and mobility between France and Kazakhstan.
In 2012, the defense of the doctoral thesis PhD Department of Biology and Biotechnology Ahmetsadykovoy SN at the International Center of Higher Learning of Agricultural Science (Fantsiya).

The joint program with the University Claude Bernard Lyon-1
(Lyon, France)

October 26, 2011 an agreement was signed between the University Claude Bernard Lyon 1 (Lyon, France) and the Kazakh National University named after Al-Farabi on joint training of doctoral PhD. Currently, PhD 1st year of training in the specialty «6D060600-Chemistry", Department of Chemistry and Chemical Technology Konuspaeva ZS credited to the joint program.
In-depth training of students of these programs is achieved through a combination of the achievements of scientific and methodological schools of two universities - the KNU and the university partner. The practical orientation of joint educational programs provided by the choice of training areas that are more applied nature.
Program double degree as a phenomenon of modern system of higher education emerged by chance. The advantages are obvious double degree education - it provides a more in-depth and more complex, multifaceted training, promotes academic mobility of students and increases the competitiveness of graduates from both the domestic and international labor market.