On December 26, 2011 for the first time in the history of the university on the basis of the military department held a meeting of the Scientific Council of al-Farabi Kazakh National University under the leadership of Rector Academician Mutanov G.M.


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In the discussion of current issues on the agenda was given a speech to the head of the military department, Colonel O. Stepanenko, who personally thanked the Rector of the University and Academician Mutanov G.M. for taking care to create a new image of the military department of KazNU.

Colonel Stepanenko О.Е. marked, that the personal participation of guidance of university in the person of rector Academician Mutanov G.M., first vice-rector of professor

Burkitbayev M.M., vice-rector Аn Е.А. in solving of the problem of re-deployment of military department, repair of educational-laboratory buildings, equipments the newest technical equipments of educating allowed in the earliest possible dates not only re-dislocation all infrastructure of the department but also create the new, modern look of military department of front-rank Institution of higher university of country.

The rector of university in presence all Scientific Council of the university opened the nominal auditoriums of the name of prominent military figure of Kazakhstan, Hero of Soviet Union Baurzhan Momyshuly and name of the first Secretary (Minister) of Defence of Republic of Kazakhstan, Hero of Soviet Union,Halyk Kakharmany General of Army Nurmagambetov S.K.

All participants of meeting of Scientific Council with interest became familiar with the objects of material and technical base of military department : the training range of mechanized infantry troops, interactive laser shooting-gallery, auditoriums equipped with armament and technique of air defence artillery of Ground forces of the Armed Forces of Republic of Kazakhstan.

After the meeting of Scientific Council an officer ball took place in that active voice was accepted by the officers of military department Colonels of Ishanov E.H., Kostyukevich G.I., Lieutenant Colonels Miheyev E.V., Bolgov A.T. Major Krykpayev R.N. and employees of department of language and general preparation faculty. The decoration of officer ball was a dance lezginka in execution of dancing group of ossetic ethno-cultural center under the direction of veteran of the Armed Forces, member of Assembly of people of Kazakhstan retired Colonel Mamsurov K.V.

In completion of solemn measure the rector of the university Academician Mutanov G.M. has stated words of gratitude to a management and all employees of military department for a big contribution to the matter of education and training of our students and cordially congratulated all the members of the meeting on coming New Year.