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Geography and Environmental Sciences

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International accreditation: ASIIN v.e. 2014-2019
Program: "6D061000-Hyrology"
Training level: doctoral studies
Examinations: results of the Uniform National Testing (UNT)
Form of education: internal
Training term: 3 years
doctoral studies in the direction of "Hydrology" prepare for the following types of professional activity:
• Professional activity in the field of hydrology, water resources, hydroecology;
• Work and professional activity in higher education institutions, in the training centers of hydrometeorlogical profile, in RSE "Kazhydromet", in State projects and research institutes on hydrometeorological profile.

Profile directions:
• Water resources
• Hydrochemistry
• Hydroecology
• Water safety
• Conditions of education and assessment of characteristics of the maximum drain
• Assessment of risks of floods and other dangerous hydrological phenomena
• Firm drain
• Urgent hydroenvironmental problems
• Assessment of influence of economic activity on a drain of the rivers

Advantages of education:
• training of specialists hydrologists of all levels: bachelor degree, master degree, candidate of PhD. Presence of the qualified faculty. Traditions of training specialists (preparation is carried out more than 45 years) and existence of educational, methodical and material resources. Preparation is made in 3 languages (Kazakh, Russian and English).

International relations: candidate of doctor PhD have an opportunity to train in partner higher education institutions: Russian Hydrometeorological University (St. Petersburg, Russia). Communications with University of Aberystwyth, Wales, Aberystwyth, (Great Britain), University of Marburg (Germany), the National center of scientific research of France and the Pantheon Sorbonne, Paris, France University Paris-1, university of Jordan of science and technologies.

Place of practical training and possible employment: RSE "Kazgidromet", Institute of geography of MAUN RK, GU "Kazmudflowprotection", "DGP of scientific research institute of environmental problems"
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