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Geography and Environmental Sciences

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International accreditation: ASIIN.
Name of Program: "6D060800 - Ecology"
Level of training: PhD degree (scientific-research field).
Examinations: a foreign language (test), entrance examination in the specialty (in writing).
Full-time form of education.
Duration of training: 3 years.
Types of professional activity:
With scientific and pedagogical training: research; Pedagogical.
Research activity is the development of work plans and programs for scientific research; Methods and organization of experiments; Collection, processing, analysis and systematization of scientific and technical information on the research topic; Preparation of scientific and technical reports, reviews, publications based on the results of the studies carried out. A graduate of this specialty is capable of fixing and protecting objects of intellectual property; Patent research; Make descriptions of the principles of operation and design of the projected facilities with the justification of the adopted technical solutions; Evaluate the innovative potential of the project, innovative risks.
Pedagogical activity implies the implementation of pedagogical activity in secondary professional and higher educational institutions; Development, publication, introduction of educational and methodological developments in the specialty profile; Educational work among students.
Profile items:
Environment and Human;
Strategy of Environmental Security;
Modern Approaches to the Waste Management;
Advantages of education:
• • training ecologists who can formulate and practically solve modern scientific and practical problems, successfully carry out research and management activities in the field of rational nature management and environmental protection;
• Passage of scientific internship in the framework of academic mobility in partner universities of Great Britain, Spain, Russia, China, etc.
• Research activity in universities of UK, Spain, Russia, etc..
International relations: universities of Russia, China, UK, Spain.

Places of passage of practice and possible employment: Research (ecology researcher); Project (ecology expert, environmental auditors); Organizational and technological (ecology industry industries, an environmental inspector); Production and management (manager in the field of ecology and environmental protection).
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