Achievements of department


 In 2018 Al-Farabi Kazakh National 
University took the 1st prize on
the specialty: 5B020500 - Philology
in bachelor degree among
the higher educational institutions
according to the results of the rating
of the Independent Agency
for Accreditation and Rating.
The director of the NAAR,
Zhumagulova Alina congratulated
and presented the certificate.
On February 9, 2018 Soltanaeva Erkingul Molotovna, the Candidate of philological sciences, was awarded the title "The best university teacher  - 2018". 

The best university teacher – 2018

On February 9, 2018 Saule Bektemirova, the candidate of philological sciences was awarded the title: “The Best university teacher -2018”.

 In 2018 Muldagalieva A.A., the chair of the head of foreign languages, the associate professor was awarded  the letter of gradititude for the translation of the film devoted to al-Farabi, the great poet, philosopher  and scholar. 

 By  the decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated  December 5, 2017, Imahanbet Raikhan Sakhybekkyzy was awarded  the medal "Yeren enbegi ushіn".
Prof. Salk  Prof. Salkhanova Zhanat  was doing the training course on the topic: “Quality Management in higher Education in Germany” from 24.11.2017 to 02.12.2017.
  Nurtas Turganbekpoet was the winner  of the  competition dedicated to 90th anniversary of Kazakh radio (2011)

 Tlegenov Aslan, the  student of the Faculty of Philology,literature and world Languages, was the winner of  the "Festival of Languages" (2011)

 Schmieder Alexey was awarded   for his contribution to the sport development sport (2011)

Letter of gratitude  

Labor union "Parasat" awarded the  Department of Kazakh Philology with the letter of gratitude  for active participation in social and spiritual life (2013)

 the Department of "General Linguistics" was the winner in the nomination "Best Department" of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University(2009)

Letter of gratitude 

Faculty of Philology, Literary Studies and World Languages was awrded  this letter for the fruitful work in the sphere  of education  by "Orleu NCPD".

GulmiraKudaybergenovna Kazbek  was awarded the title of the best teacher   by  A. Sarinzhipov, the Ministerof Education and Science.