Awards and achievements of chair

Awards and achievements of department



Tazhibaeva Tamara Lashkarovna became
 the owner of the state grant
 "The Best Teacher of the Year 2015"


Candidate of Chemical Science, 

Professor ofActing -

the State grantMES

"The bestteacher of high school" -2011".



Candidate of Chemical Science,

 Professor of Acting-

 awarded the badge

"For outstanding achievements

in the field of Education of Kazakhstan.", 

MES RK,2014.

Tazhibaeva Tamara Lashkarovna.,

Candidate of Biological Science,  

Professor of Acting - badge

"For merits in development of science"


Tazhibaeva Tamara Lashkarovna.,

Candidate ofBiologicalScience, 

Professor of Acting- Medal Y.Altynsarin,


Abubakirova Kalkash Daurenbekovna

doctor of agricultural Sciences, professor -  

The State grant MES

"The best teacher of high school" - 2010 ".





Bazarbaeva Tursynkul Amankeldievna

Candidate of Geographical Science,

Docent - was awarded the

Diploma of the Ministry

of Education and Science.




Bergeneva Nurgul Sagievna

Candidate of Biological Science,

Professor of Acting -

awarded the Jubilee Medal  

"Әl-Farabi Kazakh atyndagy

Ulttyk universitetіne 80 zhyl"

for his contribution to the development

of the university. Number 360, 25/12/2014.


PhD-students Nurseitova M.A. -  

grant fund of the First President

of Kazakhstan - Leader

of the Nation to conduct fundamental




4th year year Bachelor of Turin Dilara

- prize winner projects among students

and undergraduates on energy efficiency  

in lighting, conducted by "Chevron",  

Almaty university of energy and

communications, as well as public fund




Team "Ekoenergo" specialty

5В060800- Ecology took 1st place

in the Republican Olympiad students.
Director - Master Kerimkulova Aygerim Berikovna.



13-18 October 2014 3rd year student of specialty

"Safety and environmental protection,

" the department energoecology Department

of Geography and Environmental Sciences

participated in an online mode for the

international student competition

«Human life safety and ecology of language».
In the group match KNU students took

2nd place among students of all participating

In the individual competition among the

participants from all over the individual

Second place was awarded 3rd year students

of the Kazakh branch of the specialty

"Safety and Environmental Protection"

Abaildinov B.;
3 rd place was awarded 3rd year student

of the Russian branch of the specialty

"Safety and Environmental Protection"

Bolysbekova A.


Students of the department of ecology energy

took prizes in the II National Ecological Forum of Youth of Kazakhstan.

Zhumabay Saltanat, 2nd year student

of the specialty "5B060800-Ecology "

won a scholarship of the Public Association


Students 3rd year Zhumabekova M.B.,

Zhelenova Sh.E. specialty "5B073100-

Life safety and environmental protection"

received a certificate for active participation

in the work of student business inkubetor.

3rd year student majoring Tursynbay E.

"5B073100-Life Safety and Environmental Protection"

took 1st place in the Republican contest of scientific

works of students.

4th year student of the specialty " 5В060800-Ecology"

Aydarhanly Serіkhan awarded the diploma

of I degree at a student conference "Farabi alemi."

Doctor of agricultural Sciences,   professor
Abubakirova Kalkash Daurenbekovna ,
Associate Professor, Candidate of Chemistry
Aynur Tanybaeva Kabdrasulovna received
a diploma for the best report
on the 46 scientific conference
"Modernization of educational programs :
accreditation and quality assurance of training "


Kazakh National University.

Al-Farabi among the universities

participating ranking NAAR took

1st place in the specialty "6M060800- Ecology".