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Faculty of Philosophy and Political Science

 Department of Philosophy and Political science - a leading educational center of the humanities in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Becoming faculty went along with the development of the University and Kazakh philosophy, sociology, psychology and pedagogics, political science, culture and education in general. Throughout its existence the department has prepared a high professional level of specialists for different spheres of public life, our graduates work in many parts of the world. Team has a fairly high creativity, responsibility, dedication to their profession and the University.

Philosophy and Political Science department`s history dates back to 1947, when it was organized the department of psychology and logic, then in 1949 were established philosophical and economic departments in Kazakh State University. Among first University graduates - Academician of the Republic of Kazakhstan National Academy Science, Doctor of Philosophy, Professor Zh.M. Abdildin, Corresponding Member, Doctor of Philosophy, Professor A.H. Kasimzhanov, Doctor of Philosophy, Professor M.S. Azhenov, Professor S.T. Temirbekov and G.A. Yugay, Z.A. Mukashev, M.S. Burabayev, J.G. Petrash, G.B. Khan, A.I. Ikenov, V.G. Yakovlev, A.A. Aimbetov, V.G .Bryanov, A.D. Azhibaeva, I.S. Horoshilova and others.

In golden letters in the history of the Department are inscribed the names of the T.T. Tazhibaev, A.K. Kasimzhanov, T.K. Mustafin - the founders of Kazakh psychology, philosophy and political science.

 About Department

Department of Philosophy and Political science provides training in the following specialties: 

Bachelor City council
5В020100 - Philosophy 6М020100 - Philosophy
5В020600 - Religious Studies 6М020600 - Religious Studies
5В050300 - Psychology   6М050300 - Psychology
5В050100 - Sociology 6М050100 - Sociology
5В020400 - Cultural Studies 6М020400 - Cultural Studies
5В090500 - Social work 6М090500 - Social work
5В010300 - Pedagogics and psychology
5В012300 - Social pedagogics and self-actualization 6М010300 - Pedagogics and psychology
5В050200 - Political Science 6М050200 - Political Science


6D020100 - Philosophy
6D 020600 - Religious Studies
6D 050300 - Psychology
6D 050100 - Sociology
6D 020400 - Cultural Studies
6D 090500 - Social work
6D 010300 - Pedagogics and psychology
6D 012300 - Social pedagogics and self-actualization
6D 050200 - Political Science

 The Department has 6 chairs that are training in bachelor, master degree and PhD in 9 specialties:

 • Department of Philosophy

• Department of Political Science

• Department of Religious and Cultural Studies

• Department of Sociology and Social Work

• Department of General and ethnic pedagogics

• Department of general and ethnic psychology


The purpose of the Department - positioning, development and retention of leading position as a major educational and research center of social sciences and humanities.


Goals of the Department - fully corresponded with the goals of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University.


Currently the Department of Philosophy and Political Science has Development strategy of modernization which main purpose is the high quality of training.