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Faculty of Philosophy and Political Science


Philosophy and political science faculty -  the large educational center of socially-humanitarian disciplines in Republic Kazakhstan. Faculty formation went together with development of university, the Kazakhstan philosophical, sociological, psihologo-pedagogical, political sciences, cultures and formations as a whole. For all time of the existence the faculty has prepared experts of high professional level for various spheres of public life, our graduates work in many corners of the world. The collective possesses high enough creative potential, responsibility, fidelity of the trade and to the university.


Faculty of philosophy and political science carries out preparation on following specialities:



5B020100 - Philosophy

6M020100 - Philosophy;  

5B020600 - Religion

6M020600 - Religion

5B050300 - Psychology;  

6M050300 - Psychology

5B050100 - Sociology

6M050100 - Sociology

5B020400 - Cultural science

6M020400 - Cultural science

05B090500 - Social work

6M090500 - Social work

5B010300 - Pedagogical sciense and psychology


5В012300 - Social pedagogics and self-knowledge

6M010300 - Pedagogical sciense and psychology

5B050200 - Political science

6M050200 - Political science



PhD: Cultural anthropology, Political science, General psychology, Educational management, Social work, Philosophy

In time present six chairs which conduct training of specialists according to programs of a bachelor degree, magistracies, doctoral studies of PhD, postgraduate study, doctoral studies on several specialties work at faculty:

  • - Religious studies and cultural science chair

  • - Philosophy chair

  • - Chair of the general and ethnic pedagogics

  • - Chair of the general and ethnic psychology

  • - Chair of sociology and social work

  • - Political science chair


Base vectors, strategy, the purpose and faculty problems.

Base vectors of Strategy of development of faculty of philosophy and political science according to Strategy of development Treasury of al-Farabi for 2009-2012 are:

  • - Introduction of base approaches of corporate governance and modernization of structure of faculty;
  • - Development and system perfection of process of training;
  • - Modernization of system of management of a science and innovations.

 Aim of the faculty – positioning, strengthening and deduction of leader positions as large educational and center of science on socially humanities.

Faculty mission - completely correspond with aims of the Kazakh national university of a name al-Farabi.

Number of the professors and teacher - makes 148 teachers. From them: doctors of sciences, professors - 40; candidates of science, senior lecturers, the senior teachers - 69; teachers without a scientific degree - 39. Relative density professors and teacher, having a scientific degree makes 75 %. Middle age regular professors and teacher with scientific degrees and ranks makes 45 years.

Progress trained at faculty - makes 90-92 % (identical level on Russian and Kazakh branches). Following the results of summer session of last academic year and winter session of current academic year the faculty occupies 3 place. Results of Intermediate state control (ISC), since 2004, average 77 %.


CONTACTS: Almaty city, 050012, st. Masancy 39/47, Ph. 7(727) 292-57-17