Department of Biology and Biotechnology

     Dear friends, we welcome you to the School of Biology and Biotechnology Our School, one of the oldest in the University, exists since the foundation of the University in 1934. According to the conducted research and modern educational programs School proudly holds its currentname – School of Biology and Biotechnology.

     Today, it is a major scientific and educational centerwith two Scientific Research Institutions: SRI of Issues in Biology and Biotechnology and SRI of Issuesin Ecology, where fundamental and applied research on numerous directions of modern biology, ecology, biotechnology, biomedicine, sports and physical education, are performed, involving both teachers andstudents.School has four departments: Department of Biodiversity and Biological Resources, Department of Biotechnology, Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, Department of Biophysics and Biomedicine, as wellas Biological Clinics and Agrobiological Station. Important division of School is Biological Museum, funds of whichhold more than 5,000.00 copies of stuffed carcasses of abundant, endemic and rare species that are unique objectsof study.

     More than 1,300.00 bachelor, master and PhD - doctoral level students are trained at School of Biology andBiotechnology. Highly-qualified teaching staff, including 30 doctors of sciences, 80 candidates of sciences, 10 PhD, isinvolved in training of biologists, biotechnologists, ecologists, pisciculturists and athletes here. Master and PhD - doctorallevel students go on training to the leading universities and research centers around the world. Prominent scientists andleading experts from the Institutions of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as employersare also involved in training of students. During its existence the School has trained more than 13,000.00 specialists in different branches of the biological science,who is currently working in research institutions, industry, institutions of higher and secondary education of our Republic, aswell as in countries of near and far abroad: at Harvard, Texas, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Universitiesin France, Canada, UK, Germany, and Russia. Among the graduates of the School of Biology and Biotechnology arestatesmen and public figures, as well as representatives of business, who serve as employers for the recent graduates, andare actively involved in the development of educational programs, continuous practical training of students, providing thetraining territories.








     Faculty members, through the active international cooperation with the world leading research centers and universities,create real opportunities for academic mobility of teachers and students. Students study at foreign universities for 1-2 semesters and some of them as a result of the successful implementation of the training programs get a double diploma of al-Farabi KazNU and foreign university. All the teachers and students of our School are constantly improving their knowledge of foreign languages; study groups on each specialty are created in English. Each year more than 30 scientists from the foreignuniversities come to read lectures and conduct master classes on modern trends in biology and biotechnology at our School. All of our students, without exception, are engaged in research, and many of them in addition to their scholarships receivewages and have the opportunity to travel abroad with the scientific presentations at the international conferences or participatein contests and competitions in other countries. We are proud of our students-athletes, masters of sports of the international class, champions of national and international competitions, Olympians, who defend not only the honor of our University, butalso glorify our independent Kazakhstan. Dear applicants, and all who are interested in obtaining a prestigious education, acquisition of skills and competencies,providing a stable career, we are waiting for you and assure you that at the School of Biology and Biotechnology, all the conditions for achieving your goals are created.

     Welcome to a fascinating, full of interesting events of student life!

Dean of the faculty Biology and Biotechnology 

Dr., Professor, Corresponding member of NAS of the RK

Zayadan Bolatkhan Kasyhanuly