Department of Mechanics and Mathematics


Dear Applicants!

Founded back in 1934, Kazakhstan's first physical-mathematical faculty of Kazakh State University became the cradle of education and one of the national centers of education and science. This historic mission is relevant to faculty and now. Faculty honored through all the trials and remains one of the leading centers for research and training in mathematics, mechanics and information technology in the country.

The faculty is constantly evolving. In recent years there has been a steady growth in student numbers. An increasing number of research programs, creating new courses in the most important areas of training, material resources razshiryaetsya faculty. Students receive a fundamental education and immersed in research on selected areas of modern mathematics, mechanics and informatics.

Faculty achievements today was possible thanks to the enthusiasm and creativity of generations of scientists, work and work today in the faculty. Stages of development of mathematics and mechanics as a science in Kazakhstan connected with the names of many scientists who have left an imprint on the history of the faculty. The reality of the modern world is that we also have to keep in step with the times and continue to improve the learning process of our faculty. Fundamental knowledge acquired enable graduates of the Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics Treasury timely and accurately learn new skills and abilities, by virtue of this, they are always in demand on the labor market of our country.

A team of mechanics and mathematics faculty huge plans to improve the learning process and further improve the efficiency of scientific research in accordance with the requirements of the time. The faculty has the potential to successfully implement our plans. We believe that the first in Kazakhstan Mechanics and Mathematics Department will hold high the banner of his first and forever remain at the frontiers of science and education - in the hearts of students, alumni, faculty and staff.

We are always glad to see our faculty motivated, active and ambitious young people, aimed at getting a better education, open to new knowledge and full dialogue. We believe that the scientific and practical achievements of faculty find their actual implementation is in you, our future students, and excellent career prospects open to graduates of the Faculty of Mechanics and MathematicsAl-FarabiKazakh National University.


Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics, Dr. PhD, Associate Professor Zhakebayev Dauren Bakytbekuly