KazNU Named as the Best University in the Turkic World


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According to the results of the outgoing year, the World Congress of Turkic Peoples awarded Al-Farabi KazNU the title of «The Best University of the Turkic World», and honored Rector, Academician Galym Mutanov with a nominal Gold Medal of this International Organization.

In his congratulatory speech, the President of the World Congress of Turkic Peoples, Yahiya Aliyev, highlighted the high achievements of the leading Kazakhstani University, its enormous scientific and innovative potential and dynamic development. Under the leadership of Rector Galym Mutanov, the large-scale transformations were implemented, which allowed KazNU to achieve significant success in advancing in international rankings. This advanced experience is adopted by other HEI’s of the world and is an example for Universities in Turkic countries.

He also stressed that KazNU bears worthily the name of the great thinker and philosopher of the East – Al-Farabi, and it is widely known in the world and carries out a great deal of work to develop and strengthen cooperation between Universities in Turkic countries. And its leading positions testify to the special attention of the State to the development of human capital and the high level of Kazakhstan's higher education system.

The World Congress of Turkic Peoples is an International Public Association, which is aimed at strengthening cooperation and friendly relations between the Turkic countries, including in the field of science, education and culture.