New opportunities for studying in Japan


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On 7’s of November the faculty’s teachers and students, enrolled in the department of the Far East of the Faculty of Oriental Studies at the Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, held a special meeting with professors from Shimane and Kouchi universities.

For the first time, a meeting was held with a representative of Shimane University, one of the leading universities in Japan. During the lecture, Professor Yosihiro presented an introductory video, showing teachers and students all the beauty of the picturesque landscape of Shimane, as well as the convenient location of the university campus. He also shared his impressions about the diverse student life at Shimane University, thereby inviting to study.

Professor Inoue from Kouchi University visited our university for the second time. During the first lecture, in September of this year, Professor Inoue shared interesting information about Japan, and this time he spoke about the education system and the educational process at Kouchi University. It is worth noting that the presence of a specialized center for the support of foreign students at Kouchi University creates excellent conditions for those who would like to get an education at this university.

In addition, an exchange student from Kouchi University - miss Inoue also shared her impressions and highlighted the positive aspects of the university. In addition, she performed the dance of Yosakoi, which is celebrated every year in the city of Kouchi at the Yosakoi Festival.

At the end of the meeting, Natalia Borisovna, Head of the Department of the Far East, presented a letter of appreciation to Professor Inoue from the University of Kouchi, for their contribution to establishing cooperation between the two universities.