Priorities of media education


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A meeting was held on the effective development of human resources in the media sphere and improving the quality of media education in the country with the participation of the Minister of Information and Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan, D. Abayev, and the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan E. Sagadiyev.

Also, the main editors of the media, heads of the departments of journalism of universities, representatives of the industry communities discussed issues of media education. The Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Yeran Sagadiev, presented the ways of transition to a new format of journalistic education: "Journalism is an important profession. To become an expert in this field, you need to become a master of the pen. For example, to achieve a professional level in health, or economics, he must be an economist or banker, and then become a journalist to write articles on economic topics. Journalists working in the field of economy, for the correct transfer of information, it is necessary to master the economy.

Minister has stipulated changes in the law on education and outlined two main priorities. Education for 2.5 years instead of 4 years. The main requirement is the number of loans. The second is a special system. Now the journalist, in the sphere of economics, must first be trained as an economist, then a journalist. Interdisciplinary programs should be created at the Universities. Thus, journalists will be ready to analyze their sphere of influence. The media market has a very big competition. At the moment, about 30 universities teach journalists.

At the Faculty of Journalism, after the meeting, the republican educational and practical conference "Problems of training modern journalists" was held, dedicated to the Day of Communication and Informatization Workers of the Republic of Kazakhstan. As a result of discussions on the topic "Press and New Media Education", the audience of the name of K. Kenzhalin No. 222 will be provided with a material and technical base.

Journalism is a galaxy of information and news. In the information industry, only the smartest and resourceful students will succeed. Before each graduate, the task is to pick up a brick of the digital core in order to become part of the huge media universe. KazNU named after al-Farabi first issued an English group on the specialization of journalism.

In one of the stories of the American journalist of 2889, Jules Verne, it says: "What an advantageous profession is the profession of a journalist at the end of the twenty-ninth century!" This statement is really true, at all times the journalist's profession is topical and relevant.


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