Contests on kokpar


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On April 29, 2018 in Almaty at the stadium "Alash" there was a competition of the national game "Kokpar" among higher education institutions, which was attended by 5 student teams. In the general team classification the team from KazNU named after al-Farabi took the second plaсe.

Each team consisted of 4 participants, they succeeded each other, as to stand even a few minutes is hard enough for the rider and the horses. After all, the kokpar is not a game for the weak, this kind of national game requires riders of endurance, agility and determination.

It should be noted that the third-year student of the specialty "State and local administration" of the Higher School of Economics and Business Kozhamberdiev Abylaykhan took part in this competition.

According to the future manager, he was fond of horses since early childhood, he was preparing for the game "Kokpar" from a young age. Abylaykhan during the game was able to demonstrate his level of mastery in horse riding.

It's not so easy to lift a heavy goat, which the opponent wants to take away, with one hand.

Thanks to the potential of the current youth, who strive to acquire good knowledge and honor the traditions of their people, our country will reach new heights. It is encouraging that students of KazNU named after al-Farabi contribute to the development of Kazakhstan.


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