The 46th "Health" sport contest is gaining momentum


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To date, competitions on chess, volleyball men, badminton and Darts completed. The most wins has the team of mechanics and mathematics faculty (the first place in Darts, second in men's volleyball and third in chess). In men's volleyball and badminton became the leader of the team of the rectorate, composed of representatives of different departments. The best chess players are working at the physico-technical faculty.

But University sport contest is primarily a mass scale and the desire for a healthy lifestyle. Not everyone can be winners but everyone can have fun and cheerfulness from participation. So the passions in these days of January in the sport complex is not inferior to the Olympic. Library team, military Department, faculty of chemistry and chemical technology show their great activity. Dean of the faculty of journalism S. Medeubek defended his team in table tennis, the Director of the centre for situation management E. H. Ishanov played for the national team of the rectorate of badminton.

There are still battles on the football field, games in volleyball among women, the battle in togyz kumalak. The 46th "Health" sport contest will end on 12 January. Prize winners will be awarded with diplomas and memorable cups of the trade Union "Parasat".


O. P. Lozhnikova, Deputy Chairman of the trade Union "Parasat",

 N. P. Taganova, the main judge of the sport contest