The transition to the Latin alphabet


Views: 1971

А multi-step process of transition of Kazakh alphabet to Latin graphics starts.

This is not the first time that we experience this upgrade: in 20-30 years of the twentieth century 50 languages from 72 languages of the USSR were translated into Latin. The Head of state noted, that the main thing is to create conditions for the further development of the Kazakh language and its inclusion in the global information space.  

The President also noted that the transition of Kazakh language to the Latin alphabet will not affect other languages, including the language of interethnic communication. The use of the Russian language in the Cyrillic alphabet remains unchanged and will function as before.

And then, we, the teachers of the University are interested in terminology, clear definitions for students, Latin allows us to adapt international scientific and technical vocabulary into the national dictionary.

As the President noted, the reform of the state language is one of the important issues of the modernization program of the public consciousness.


Larisa Noda,

senior lecturer at the faculty of journalism of al-Farabi KazNU

the winner of the International Pushkin competition

award winner of the Union of journalists of Kazakhstan.