The pulse of history beats in Berelskoe valley


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Unusual archaeological ediacaran "the great Altai road" dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the accession of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the United Nations. It is organized in the framework of the state program of the Ministry of education and science of Kazakhstan "Intellectual potential of the country", as well as the International year of sustainable tourism development. Large-scale and memorable event was held with the direct support of akimat of East Kazakhstan region.

In the famous Berelskoe the valley this season continue a comprehensive research. They take part in the expedition of the KazNU named after al-Farabi. ENU named after L. N. Gumilev. Joint work is conducted with the assistance of local authorities, regional universities, public, reserve Museum "Berel", press.

Route archaeological ediacaran ran simultaneously on two paths: Almaty - Shilicti - Kurchum - Berel and Astana - Shyngystau - Berel. Your contribution has made United Nations Information office in our country. The head office in the Republic of Kazakhstan Vlastimil Samek was sent to the participants videovystuplenie with best wishes for success and a bright new discoveries.

The route and finding a caravan in the heart of East Kazakhstan along with extensive research, archaeologists conducted educational activities and a press tour for a group of journalists.

Scientific expedition "Azak eni" under the guidance of Professor KazNU named after al-Farabi of Almaty, doctor of political science Gulmira Sultanbaeva held meetings V international mobile media school. They focus on technology transfer to digital format, preservation and promotion of historical and cultural artifacts. A coach was made, in particular, a columnist for "radio" of muhamedali of Buharbaev, his other colleagues.

An unforgettable impression on the journalists left the meeting with the archaeologist and scientists of world size, our countryman, Professor Synalloy by Samarium. In the course of an international archaeological summer school marked its undeniable achievements in the domestic, the world of science.

Reviewed and discussed the overarching theme for all: "Archaeology of the Altai in the context of cultural and historical processes of ancient and medieval Eurasia." In the overall program, the great interest of scientists, students, journalists called the speech of the master of archaeology. It touched on many important issues of today. In particular, the need to use the rich cultural and historical heritage, Patriotic education of youth and children in the spirit of love for the Homeland, the continuity of generations and national traditions. Further study and careful storage capacity Berelskoe the valley of the kings, turning the sacred place into an international center of tourism. According to him, this is all very scientific and geopolitical importance.

The contribution of Signally Samashev to the study of the Pazyryk archaeological culture dedicated his presentation to the candidate of historical Sciences, Professor of ENU named after L. N. Gumilev Maral Habdulina. This year is his anniversary. However, Samashev best holiday thinks for himself working directly in the field, which confirms to colleagues and students participate in the excavation.

A large number of issues and problems raised in his reports, the doctor of historical Sciences, Professor of ENU named after L. N. Gumilev Raushan Mustafina, candidate of historical Sciences, associate Professor of Ulan of Umedalen, candidate of historical Sciences, associate Professor KazNU named after al-Farabi Gani Omarov, as well as their other colleagues and associates.

Is of interest the recognition of the role of the media. print publications, radio and television, and the Internet resources in the development of the so-called cultural tourism, provision of information literacy, preservation of the intangible values of the Kazakh Altai.

Thus, the archaeological ediacaran "the great Altai road" went in the opposite way. Now I would like to hope for his return in the future.


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