Study Visits by Groups to Germany under DAAD grant


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Opening lecture Dipl.-Ing. J. Großkopf and Prof., Dr.-Ing. B. Resnik of the Beuth University of Applied Sciences in Berlin


DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst) – the largest German Association on the rights of public organization to support international academic exchanges, which on a competitive basis allocates scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students, young scientists, doctors, researchers of universities.

Ms. А. Satbergenova doctoral student of 1 course of the faculty of geography and nature specialty 6D071100 – "Geodesy", senior teacher of MDiG Department together with students of the University participated in the competition program of the DAAD – German Academic Exchange Service. According to the results of the competitive selection, a group of 15 people under the leadership of Ms. А. Satbergenova , Received a grant to visit the three great Universities, the exhibition InterGeo-2018, office company DMT in Germany.

At the invitation of Prof., Dr.- Ing. B. Resnik the group visited the Department of Civil engineering and Geoinformation of the Beuth University of Applied Sciences in Berlin.

At the TH Georg Agricola University of Applied Sciences (THGA) in Bochum at the invitation of the Vice-president for higher education Development, Vice-president for the field of science Georesources and Process Engineering Prof., Dr. - Ing. Ulrich Paschedag and head of international Department Ass. iur. D. Naumann-El Kady and Dipl.- ing. H.Jasnowski-Peters the group visited the latest laboratories of the University research center "Post Mining" and the center of robotics "Smart Building System".

TH Georg Agricola University of Applied Sciences


During a visit to the head office of DMT in Essen, at the invitation of Dipl.-Ing. O.Huber and the head of the Department of Ground Movements Dr.-Ing. K.Zimmermann the group visited unique laboratories for the development and assembly of modern devices, according to the latest technologies and communications in the world. A group of leading specialists of DMT GmbH & Co.KG presented the best projects carried out both in the Republic of Kazakhstan and in the world in the mining industry at deposits for the extraction of coal, nonferrous and polymetallic ores, oil and gas, etc.

Presentation of Dr. Jürgen te Kook and Dipl. - Ing. O. Huber


At the RWTH Aachen University at the invitation of Dr.-Ing. R. Schulte, a delegation from Kazakhstan visited the Department of Mine Surveying and Institute of Mine Surveying Mountain damage and geophysics in mining. During the study tour Dr.-Ing. J. Kateloe and a group of young scientists D. Beckers, C. Brücker and M. Gurgel presented their scientific achievements in the field of Mine surveying and Mining post-processing of raw materials, told about the prospect of processing methane gas released from the workings of old coal mines.

Excursion to the point of a high-precision geodetic network fixed on the roof of the building of the Institute of Surveying and Geophysics (Aachen)

16 – 18 October 2018, the 24th Leading International Conference and Trade Exhibition of Geodesy, Geoinformation and Land Management Technologies took place in Frankfurt am Main - INTERGEO 2018, which was visited by the head of the Department of Cartography and Geoinformatics Kazakh National University al-Farabi Prof., Dr.-Ing. H. Kasymkanova due to the grant of the Ministry of Science and Education Kazakhstan "The best teacher of the university - 2017", Dr. - Ing. G.Dzhangulova and our former colleague, and now an employee of the Committee for Agriculture Freudenstadt Dr.- Ing. D. Moser.

Working visit of scientists from Kazakhstan and Germany at the exhibition InterGeo 2018

All participants of the trip express their gratitude to the German Academic Exchange Service - DAAD, as well as to all the leaders who have provided assistance and support in organizing valuable scientific, educational, cultural and spiritual visit to Germany.


The author: Assel Satbergenova


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