About faculty



The main task of  al-Farabi Kazakh National University, which has more than 80-year history, from the very beginning was the training of historians. April 17, 1934 at the Academic Council of the University, was decided to open a historical faculty. Later it was agreed and approved by the People's Commissariat of Education of the RSFSR.

During the difficult war years - in September 1943 by the decision of the People's Enlightenment Commissariat of the KazSSR the Faculty of Philology was reformed into the History and Philology Faculty under the guidance of Academician A.N. Pankratov. By the order of the Ministry of Higher Education for the number 19 of January 6, 1948 was formed an independent historical faculty.

Since September 1, 1948, the Faculty of History began its scientific and pedagogical activity. In those years, about 300 people graduated from our faculty.

Fundamental historical education was held by the majority of the staff of the Institute of Archeology and History of the Academy of Sciences of the Kazakh SSR, the Institute of History party under the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Kazakhstan, the State Archives of the Kazakh SSR, the Central and Regional Museum - all graduates of the Faculty of History.

The faculty teaching staff  played significant role  under the leadership of S.N. Pokrovsky, E.B. Bekmakhanov, Ya.D. Serovaysky, N.N. Daulbaev, M.B. Akhinzhanov, A.A. Goryachev, K.P. Korzhevoi, A.N. Zaikina, L.S. Frishman and others.

By the order of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Education of May 21, 1958,the Department of History of the KazSSR was formed. The organizer and the first head of the department until 1966 was a well-known scientist, corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, doctor of historical sciences, professor E.B. Bekmakhanov.

Faculties like philosophy and political science, international relations, which formed on the basis of the historical faculty, in different years separated from historical faculty and became independent.

At the historical faculty were formed unique scientific schools on the history of Kazakhstan, world history, archeology and ethnology, archives and museum study.

Students of a faculty today and in the past became  members of the famous vocal-instrumental ensembles, the theater of political satire and the student club "Seven Muses".

By 2017, the Faculty of History has prepared about 10 thousand students, hundreds of undergraduates, PhD doctoral students.

At the present time, international and republican projects and two-diploma education programs (jointly with Italy, Russia) are being implemented on the basis of the departments of the faculty.

There are 5 republican research centers at the faculty that corresponds to all international standards and provide scientific and research training for students.

Graduates of the faculty are among the scientific, political, business elite in different regions of Kazakhstan.