Department of Medicine – Higher School of Public Health


Message from the Dean, MD, professorKalmataevoy Jeanne AmantaevnyThe content and organization of a modern health management processes in this area require specialists to constantly improve the knowledge, skills and abilities.School of Public Health named after Al-Farabi Kazakh National University offers continuing education, so-called «lifelong learning». This education strategy was born about 30 years ago. Leading international organizations such as UNESCO, the OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development) and the Council of Europe expressed their willingness to develop this direction. According to the representatives of these organizations, education should not be limited to the previously established limits, "institutions" of secondary and higher education. It is necessary to take into account the needs of the working population to acquire new knowledge and thus, actively develop the direction of post-graduate education, corporate training and language training.Today in the rapid growth of an information specialist is needed to study almost all his life. The idea of ​​"lifelong learning" makes it necessary to find new methods of knowledge transfer and learning technologies.Our faculty is an educational, scientific, methodological, expert consulting, advisory and diagnostic and international platform:for the preparation of public health practice and health care professionals at all levels of educational attainment (bachelor, master, doctoral, residency), and further enhance their professional competences;to the public in order to increase knowledge and the formation of hygiene, behavioral and epidemiological skills;for professionals and organizations from other areas and sectors, including decision-makers for the development, promotion and implementation of the improvement and preservation of health programs.for small and medium-sized businesses - consulting and business training, in accordance with the requirements of the sanitary legislation and other rules of public health.I have no doubt that we can combine our efforts to form a healthy nation of Kazakhstan! I wish you success and prosperity!