The fifth annual local lore and tourism olympiad among school students of Almaty.

On February 24, Al-Farabi Kazakh National University hosted the fifth annual city olymiad on tourism in the city of Almaty. Clerical work is supported by the students and entrants in the forthcoming high school curriculum, as well as the promotion of tourism in Kazakhstan. The organizers of the fifth city Olympiad on tourism  are the Club of tourism and sport  in Kazakhstan "ZhasTur" at the Department of Recreation Geography and Tourism KazNU and almaty department of tourism and external affairs. In the Olympiad, 7 teams were selected from 5 schools in Almaty: KSU "General School № 129", KSU "Special School for Children with Disabilities N9", Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Physics and Mathematics in Almaty city, School -Gimnasium "Zerde", school gymnasium №139. The winner of the fifth year of the olympiad is Zerde  team of secondary school gymnasium in Almaty, the second place was taken by the team KSU "School № 129", the team of the gymnasium No.139, and the third place in the gymnasium Received the second general secondary school of the KSU "Communal School № 129". In the nomination "The best captain" was a student of the school "Zerde" Beksultanov Idris. All commands and presentations have been awarded with diplomas, as well as memorable prizes from the Almaty department of tourism and external affairs.

Publication date :  3/15/2017