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Mukagali Makataev - poet of the century 10.12.2015

Students 2 course jointly with undergraduates 2 courses of a specialty «6M073100, 5B073100 - Life safety and environmental protection" of the UNESCO Chair on Sustainable Development, held an event at the Faculty on "Mukagali Makataev - poet of the century!".


«Жастардың бірлігі күшті Қазақстан»


The project "Айналаңды нұрландыр" dedicated to the Day of the First President of Kazakhstan students 3-course specialty "Safety and environmental protection" of the UNESCO Chair on Sustainable Development held an open curatorial hour on "«Жастардың бірлігі күшті Қазақстан»".

performance "Auditor" 19.11.2015

Master 1st year specialty "6M060800-Ecology" went to the Theatre Lermontov with the adviser of Zubova O.A.

evening of poetry" Sing Heart of Poet "


12 February 2015 year students of specialіty "5В073100- "Safety of Human Life and Protection of Environment " " and "5В060800 - Ecology" on the basis of the project "100 book", held a evening of poetry dedicated to the poét M.Makataev " Sing Heart of Poet ".

within the framework of the project "100 books" "Evening memory Zeynolla Kabdolov"


At the initiative of the rector of Kazakh National University. al-Farabi GM Mutanova within the project "100 books" under the guidance of teachers of the department and the forces energokologii students majoring in "Safety and Environmental Protection" and "Ecology" held "An Evening of memory Zeynolla Kabdolov".

My Motherland - Kazakhstan

25.09.2014, 17:00

The event was held students 1, 2-course specialties "Ecology" and "Safety and environmental protection" in the hostel №4 the Department of Geography and Environmental Sciences.

Official language - language which unites the nation of Kazakhstan

30 of october

2014 . 18.00

"Ecology" and "Safety and Environmental Protection" event was held among students of 1, 2-course.

"Older, our heritage"

27.11.2014 11:00

within the project "Aіnalandy nurlandyr" held an event "Older-our heritage."